Our Services

Laboratory Planning Services

If you are initiating a lab from the ground up, introducing new testing lines, or expanding capacity, SSCL offers comprehensive Laboratory Planning Services encompassing needs assessment, conceptual design, equipment procurement, safety compliance, sustainability solutions, ergonomic design, project management, and post-occupancy evaluation for optimized research environments.

New Laboratory Build Assistance

Our comprehensive services cover various aspects of constructing a new laboratory:

⦁ We provide targeted criteria for site acquisition based on your lab's unique needs, ensuring optimal functionality and convenience.
⦁ Before committing to lease agreements, our experts meticulously review floor plans to assess suitability and efficiency.
⦁ Employing lean efficiency practices, we design the laboratory layout to maximize productivity. This includes strategic placement of equipment, refrigerators, freezers, centrifuges, hand and eye-wash stations, benches, tables, sinks, and auxiliary equipment.
⦁ We offer guidance on crucial aspects such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and ventilation hood placement, ensuring compliance with manufacturer guidelines and local ordinances.

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