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Proven experience meets fresh perspectives. Our group of experts anticipate challenges and empower you to achieve your goals in scientific industry. Our team is made up of experience and expertise in the diverse field of science.

We have a strong and experienced management team behind SSCL. Our experts have a wealth of experience from working in public and private sector. This unique mixture of experience and expertise makes SSCL so compelling when it comes to shaping the future of labs.


(Chairman - SSCL)

Dr. Muftikhar Ahmed, Ph.D.
boasts a distinguished career in research, laboratory management, and trade facilitation. His academic foundation, solidified by a Ph.D. in Microbiology and a Master's in Veterinary Science (Diagnostic Pathology and Microbiology) from Massey University, New Zealand.

Dr. Muftikhar Ahmed (Chairman - SSCL)

Dr. Muftikhar possesses a deep understanding of scientific principles and laboratory practices.Dr. Muftikhar's journey is marked by consistent leadership and initiative. He has spearheaded the development and implementation o quality management systems, paving the way for ISO 17025:2017 accreditation, ISO 9001:2015 certification, and reference laboratory declaration through meticulously crafted training modules, manuals, procedures, and documents. His dedication extends to fostering knowledge within teams, evident in delivery of specialized training and technical support on topics ranging from ISO standards to food safety hazard identification. He has also experienced in proficiency testing, method validation, and data management, ensuring adherence to best practices.Dr. Muftikhar's expertise extends beyond technical proficiency. His ability to translate complex scientific concepts into impactful presentations is demonstrated through their keynotes on antibiotics, food safety solutions, sample collection procedures, and good laboratory practices. Furthermore, his leadership shines through their project management skills, evident in the successful design, planning, and execution of trade facilitation and food safety research projects. These efforts yielded valuable reports on import testing requirements and biocontrol projects, contributing significantly to the field.Collaboration is ingrained in Dr. Mutikhar's work ethic. His strong leadership, honed through experience working in teams as diverse as 8 to 45 individuals, fosters effective communication and collaboration. This spirit extends beyond his own team, as evidenced by their involvement in interlaboratory and joint collaboration efforts with prestigious organizations like the Atomic Energy Commission (Dhaka) and National Institute of Biotechnology (NIB).Prestigious laboratories like QC Lab_DLS, PQ Lab_CPH, multinational food companies, and esteemed research institutes like Fonterra Research Centre and Plant and Food Research have all benefited from Dr. Muftikhar's expertise. His diverse experience has yielded in-depth knowledge of ISO standards, laboratory infrastructure development, and trade facilitation, making him a highly sought-after expert. Dr. Muftikhar's comprehensive understanding of international laboratory development, management systems, and food safety laws, coupled with their extensive practical experience, makes him an invaluable asset to any team. His leadership qualities, technical expertise, and collaborative spirit are sure to contribute significantly to the company's success.

Md. Mizanur Rahman (CEO - SSCL)

Mr. Mizanur Rahman, is a highly qualified professional with a wealth of experience in diverse fields related to Agriculture and Sustainability. Mr. Rahman holds a strong academic foundation in both Agricultural Sciences and Animal Sciences. He earned double Master's degrees, one in Agricultural Sciences in Tropics, from the University of Hohenheim, Germany, and another in Animal Breeding and Genetics from Bangladesh Agricultural University. This diverse and comprehensive educational background equips him with a deep understanding of scientific principles and their application in project development and implementation.Leveraging his many years of experience to drive sustainable agricultural projects in Bangladesh and Germany and diverse skillset, he tackles complex challenges in project management, sustainability, and valuechain development. From certifications and farmer training to export-import and organic plans, he bridges the gap between science and real-world impact. His impressive skillset encompasses areas like ISO, HACCP and organic certification, export-import coordination,organic management plan (OMP) and Internal control system (ICS) development, and sustainability monitoring, making him a valuable asset in various agricultural endeavors. Multilingual fluency and software proficiency add further depth to his diverse skillset, honed through collaborations with governments, NGOs, and private companies (national & international).

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