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S S Corporation specializes in infrastructure development, landscape / embankment, metal construction, Road and Bridge Works, Commercial Renovation, Design and Development and Consulting Services, Building Construction and apartment building. The continuous development of the company can be directly attributed to the quality of its construction, accelerated design ideas, a commitment to value engineering principles and a commitment to delivering superior performance customer service proving that S S Corporation is recognized as a leader in the in

Working Area of S S Corporation

1. Roads & Highway
2. Embankment & River Guard
3. Rail Way
4. Building Construction
5. Marine Dick & Jetty

By applying cutting-edge technologies, including flat plate structural systems, wind-induced vibration reduction technology, and energy saving technology, we are creating buildings that not only look great, but also protect the environment and ensure a safe living space for all.

S S Corporation always strives to build the best buildings possible by combining superior architectural engineering with our ceaseless efforts to improve residences by understanding our customer's desires..
S S Corporation has built up substantial experience in various areas, including high-rise complexes as well as educational, medical, research and sports facilities.