About Us

Our Mission.

S S Corporation’s Mission is to enrich the quality of life of the people through responsible application of knowledge, technology and skills. S S Corporation is committed to the pursuit of excellence through world-class agricultural machinery, innovative processes and empowered employees, to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our customers.

Our Vission.

In 2021, we will import more Modern Agricultural machinery from chine according to our farmer demands. Our government already declared that provide Modern Agricultural machinery to our farmer from January to June in 2021. And government budget is more than 100 cores for this project. Hopefully, we provide 30%-35% machinery for this government project.

Know More About S S CORPORATION - Export, Import, Supplier & 1st Class Contractor

S S Corporation is a proprietary company and started its operation from Bangladesh to cater the import and export demand as well as sourcing different infrastructure and commodity products towards its local and international clients. SSCL commencedits journey as a proprietary firm under the trade license in Bangladesh in the year 2009. Since inception, the founding partner was focused on providing state of the art services to their clients tailored to customer needs.

Our Motto
Business BRIDGE

B = Build
R = Reliability
I = Innovative
D = Discipline
G = Genuine
E = Exchange

Quality is the loyalty of characteristics of all entity that bear on its ability to satisfy staled and implied needs quality is governed by the retirements and specifications set by the customer. In the contractual environment, needs are specified whereas another environment implied need should be identified and defined. In many instances need can be changed in time, this implies periodic revision of specifications. Therefore, overall project management plays a vital role in achieving desired quality.

All the teams, associates and high officials, having experiences in working both home and abroad could offer a unique blend of expertise ranging from deal sourcing, worldwide sourcing network, financial advisory, Telecom and Power projects, infrastructure projects, sourcing products for all kind of backward linkage in different industries as well as large industrial and infrastructure development projects. Over the last few years, the team managed to successfully serve an array of clients from power & manufacturing sector to technology & telecommunication services.

S S Corporation (SSCL)enjoys a high-profile clienteleand partner portfolio in a broadarray of industries
CEO - S S Corporation

The core team members are having more than 61 years of combined experience in different sectors. SSCL Team Members are committed to provide its valuable customers the best customer experience blended services with world class expertise & professionalism tailored services according to the customer requirements